Creatiosoft 14 jan result

Anyone received result of creatiosoft drive held on 14 Jan ?

Not yet. How many ques did u solve?

Aptitude and reasoning all questions and two programming out of 5

Result was supposed to be declared today

Yep. Same here :blush:.
Lets see what happens.
Were u in the morning shift?

12.30 pm

They had shortlisted 39 candidates from elitmus…
12-14 people were from morning batch with me.
After seeing the office size…im pretty much sure…they are gonna recruit 2-3 guys at the most.

Any update from their side?

Nopes…not yet.

any info on result??

why the ■■■■ they arent declaring result, its already 3 days over

any1 any update ???

Seems like they are trying to befool us.
Their HR can’t stand on her own words.
Results were to be declared 5 days back but still no reply from their side.

Can anyone please tell me the rounds ??

Programming aptitude and reasoning ,5 question each

What kind of programs any example??

Programming related to strings and counting numbers

anybody got any call or any mail…what’s happening no result