Confusion about score preference

Hi everyone,
I have written the pH test twice now. My initial pH test score amounted to around 260 due to mainly scoring very high(180) in one section alone. This meant that my percentile in that section was very high(99.9) whereas it suffered in the other two sections.
Subsequently, I took the pH test again. This time my score amounts to around 230. However, I have scored very good percentiles in all sections(90+.)

Upon reading through the forum a bit, I was able to gather that your highest score is used for job selections. I have a question as to whether it is score or percentile which is used.
Test 1: Score-260 out of 400 Percentile- 268 out of 300
Test 2: Score-234 out of 400 Percentile- 282 out of 300.

The test 1 score is blotted mainly because of the high score in one section, I would prefer my test 2 score.
Could someone tell me which score will be used?

Hi Shubham,
Your better score counts. In your case, your 2nd test results will be cosidered.
Companies don’t look at aggregates and averages of pH score. The cut-off for jobs vary from company to company.

Here are some examples of cut-offs

  1. 90 %ile in Problem Solving and 70 %ile in other section.
  2. 90 %ile in both Quant and PS.
  3. 90 %ile in all sections + 70 % through out in academics.

So, only pH score does not matter. Your engineering specialization, academic performance, resume, certifications, skills, activities in forums like github, stackoverflow do play a vital role.

Hello friend,
Thanks for taking the time to help me with my dilemma. Again you have mentoined score but my score is higher in test 1.
So can you reiterate it will be test 2 score that is preferred?

Yes, test 2 will be considered.
Even though your test 2 scores are less, your percentiles here are better in comparison to test 1.