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I have received a call to this company Cogneau…Startup I guess. Any additional info on the company apart from what’s there in the job description? Didn’t find the website also :frowning:


I too have got a call from Cogneau

Salary is average, but they seem to be working on AI. Exciting stuff!

Not sure what they look for in the candidate. :worried:

One of my electives is Artificial Intelligence. I hope they will give some weight to that. :wink:

By the way, website url is given in the job description. I am not able to post the same here :frowning:


Did you people get a mail from Cogneau?? My application status did not change so just wanted to know…


I read some FAQ on this applied status. check it out if it helps :smiley:


I have also given interview in cogneau. When are the results expected?


Is there going to be another drive? And any information as to what the process was like the first time?


Those who attended the previous drive, could you share your experience? How was the coding round and what topics were covered in the interview? It would be a great help.



Anyone who got selected in 1 may drive can tell me contact details of Conway…as I attended the 2nd drive and result is not out yet…and in how many days Conway declare results??


Cogneau is what I meant!! I hate autocorrect!!!


Hi Ashutosh
Have you heard from them yet?
If someone has the contact details, kindly share.


nahi aya koi msg and na hi unka contact details