Cleartrip take from home test on 29th oct

has anyone got call from cleartrip which conducted take from home coding test on 29th oct

No…its showing status as attended…what about you?
Have any idea when will it come?

same here

Does anybody get any new regarding further rounds?

Nope actually today is a holiday maybe they will declare the results tomorrow

Any news of result?


Anybody attended today’s Mubble interview?


aanchal would you mind sharing ur experience at mubble?

2nd round of cleartrip is going to held on 4th novemeber in bengaluru?
Is it right?
Its mentioned something like that on elitmus in details of cleartrip exam but its ambiguous so i am not clear about it…
But is it right that 2nd round is on 4th nov.?

Hi Ankit,

Actually It was based on my resume. He asked me to explain one of my project. Then asked about my internship and all. Also string reverse and diamond problem were asked to one of the candidate over there.
In short, for me it’s just a formal discussion.
Hope I answered your question.

yup. I am satisfied .

Thank you aanchal

So aanchal did you get selected?

Can someone please tell me what type of questions were there during take from home test… I am having my test on 8th Nov.

Guys i have a test on 8th…i want to confirm whether i have to be in Banglore for some confirmation or just confirm in Elitmus site.
What kind of test is it?

The coding test will be online.You can take it from any location.

Hey!! Would you please share ur xperience of take from home test with me… I wanted to know which type of questions they would ask… I am having my test on November 8th.

What were your ph scores ?