Cleartrip coding round (feb 11 2018)

Hey, people, I attended the coding round of cleartrip in which there were 3 questions.I could successfully execute 2 of them and after this, I clicked finish test button and it showed the event ended.
Does this mean my code could not be submitted?Also, I have submitted at 2 pm before the deadline.What does this mean?

If you successfully executed 2 them I’m sure they were saved.
I have also appeared for online coding, and if you compile and it runs, it is saved.
All the best.

When can we expect the results? Did anyone get call for next round?

Did anyone get the interview call?

Not yet.

Has anyone received the result of Cleartrip 1st rd conducted on feb 11? Also, will the second rd and interview be conducted on the same day or multiple days?

What were the coding questions asked?

I believe we can’t reveal that here.

Yup, don’t reveal.
I was banned for posting questions. :’(
Keep you profile clean and refrain from posting/sharing questions either here, or via private message.