Cleartrip, Aptean and Customized drives

Did any one get called for customised technologies, aptean or Cleartrip drives to to be held end of October?

not yet…I expect the call by 2 days before the event date

Not yet

I got a call from aptean.There were 2 rounds…first apt+eng+analytical(50 ques in 22 mins) n second included quant eng cs core subjects with 2 programing ques(around 20 ques 30 mins) …n they said they will send a mail whosoever will be selected for further rounds.Total candidates=14

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Does aptean only call cs, it.? I am EE. Will i get a call.? My marks are 10th-8.8, 12th-67.80,elitmus scores, all above 97 percentile

today, i got a call for customised technologies

what was your score bro? would you mind sharing it?

When was your interview?

Yes, you may get a call since no specific branch/stream is mentioned. But you have to be prepared with CS core subjects like Dats Structures & Algorithm. There is also coding test before technical interview.

If you are applying, (you should apply)
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

98 91 80 percentile respectively

i dnt have any idea y u didnt got a call…coz ur ph score is v gud! NO specific branch…i m from ECE

My score was in quant my percentile is 85,in logical reasoning my percentile is 80 and in verbal it is 59 and I am from eee branch

Which location are you from.?

are you talking about a call from customised? or cleartrip

I wonder what customised is looking for? I have overall 94 percentile, cs branch with sound academics.


So… you have given the first two rounds from home ?

No, that is not possible.

1st two rounds, aptitude and coding are conducted at company location. Then those who qualify are called for technical interviews.

I also attend the drive of aptean on 13 oct. They told us that they will get back to us by email. Did u get the result of second round bro? I m still waiting.

Some people who attended the drive before last time told that, for non-local people aptean conducts the remaining rounds( interviews ) on the same day. Did they do the same thing even on Oct 13th ?