Citi Corp: Assistant Manager drive?

What will be the process for Citi Corp: Assistant Manager drive? What are the skills they looking for?

Yes you can apply, whether you may shortlisted or not is in their hands.

what will be the chances for non-circuital branch people of 2017 graduate batch?

Nothing is in our hands

I have percentile 90, 99 and 98 in Verbal, Decision making and quant respectively. So if i apply i think i have high chances of getting shortlisted.
My concern is if i apply and luckily i get shortlisted for interview then what will be my chances in interview. I don’t have any experience in SAS/Tableau.

Hey bro, it’s all in the hands of HR who is going to interview you. just prepare well.

SAS /Tableau Developer will definitely make your career fly in sky. You will enjoy job nothing like before. SAS developer and have experience in macro,skills MYSQL and Tableau Developer

More than enough, just go on and apply, but one thing, shortlisting for an interview doesn’t depend only on Scores.

when can we expect an interview call??

anyone received call from citicorp?

i did get a call. What about you? Any idea how will be the interview process?

I didn’t get a call yet :frowning: , btw which branch are you from? And good luck bro :slight_smile:

Wats ur score

I also get a call. What is your timing for the process?

What was ur score

When did you get a call?

yesterday night 262

Hi do you have work ex?

I am from EC

mine is 11:45. what about you?