Cisco TAC drive 31st Oct

Hey guys, has anyone got result of their cisco interview drive that occurred on 31st Oct and does everyone had one combined round of Technical plus HR or had more rounds ?? And if results are out, have anyone got their call letters too ??

No results

I faced two different rounds .Tech and HR but no results yet.

What were the difference between three rpunds

Your both rounds were together and 2 persons were taking or one after another

One combined of 2 tech and hr and the 3rd one after mr or 1st tech and then hr and then mr

1 technical by one person

After 2 hrs

1 HR by senior manager

Mine 1, combined both tech and hr but no rounds after that

How was your interview experience, please share with us.

Was your interview yesterday ??

Mine was on 8th nov. How many rounds did you face?

Any update regarding results???