Cisco TAC [2018]


what should be the minimum percentile?


Interview on which day ?




Is there anyone who got offer letter from Cisco ?
interview date:19th Jan


I have 3 months of notice period. Will they call for interview ? I m currently working in an mnc from 5 months, what will happen if I appear as complete fresher?


I got call for the interview on Sat… U also got the same??


no I got my offer letter but then I am searching for others who would be joining me.


Ok. What type of questions they asked you in the interview?


Can you brief out the interview questions ?


In our interview they somehow didn’t take mcqs while it was mentioned in the admit card instead they gave us research paper and allotted us 30 mins and the first round was on that paper itself.You really can’t prepare for this just know what is there in the paper. Round 2: was entirely technical round of around 30-40 mins and its about all networking. They were also trying to ask questions from your answers so prepare computer network properly. Not that tough though dhcp etc. and round 3 was HR one so this was all normal .
This may vary for the upcoming interview so be prepared for mcqs too. All the best :slight_smile:


Did they ask something coding related to networks?


They didnt ask anything about networking.absolutely ■■■■ process.


Ya they didn’t ask… I dont know on what basis they selected the candidates… Even without conducting the technical round


it is very helpful for me if u share your all interview rounds and type of questions ,please msg me 8283029137. otherwise share here please its a request


Who wrote test on 25 Jan for Cisco?


When did you write the test? Did you attend the interview? How was it please explain in helps


Anyone from the interview on 26th January who has received the results . I had my communication and technical round and still havnt received the reply from cisco


I did,i got a 95.8 % ,received the score on 31st of January. I applied for the 16th feb process on 31st itself. Haven’t heard anything from them yet.


how to prepare first round ?