Cisco TAC | 2016/17


Anybody got result of cisco TAC online test on NOV 24th?


@afsal_3243633 Not yet. Waiting for it. If you receive a mail, pls respond here.


I have been shortlisted for further evaluation ( interviews on 1st Dec ).


When did you get the mail?


Tomorrow They will announce the result


At what time?


Yesterday itself @ 18:00 hrs !!


So those who were not received any mail means not shortlisted…?


Who else are shortlisted for Cisco interview?


Did you get a response from ?


I called e-litmus care, they said results will be announced today around 5-6 pm. He said we can check in the Interviews section of our account, It will show either shortlisted or rejected.


I just got the mail. I have been shortlisted.


Does the status have changed…?


I too got the mail.


How was the interview Pratul ?


Hi all,

I cleared all the rounds (2 tech, 1 HR) held in 1st dec drive. Their was no feedback from them and just asked me to leave after HR. But i think, because every round went really well, i might get selected. When can I expect the joining date to be announced? I’m from bangalore if thats important. I think it would take a week or so but just need to know someone’s experience. Thanks!


I got mine after 2 weeks. May take the same for you. Chill.


Okay. Thanks…


Did anyone get call or mail from cisco?


Did you get any call from Cisco?