Cisco TAC | 2016/17


Hey. Yes I was in the same drive. I received my offer letter on 18th Oct. One of my friends didn’t receive it, so since there are so many of you who did not get offer letter, I guess you all will receive it soon.


firstly i will courier the documents, then if required will go to bangalore.

Have you talked to Aman…?


Yes I did. Fortunately he was in Banglore so he walked into Adecco’s office to submit the documents. He told me we could courier the documents asap. I will probably move to Banglore around the beginning of the second week of Nov. And Im thinking of sending the courier by tomorrow.


ok thnks. I will be doing the same.


Hey Everyone, Did anybody of u got the formal offer letter after document submission? I have not received the formal offer letter yet. In my current offer letter, only date is given, Time and venue is not provided. Did anyone receive any communication regarding all this?


Hi everyone. Has anyone having notice period greater than 30 days received the offer lettter ?


Date along with place(Banglore) must be written in the offer letter. And in the mail the address of Cisco is written. I guess you need to visit Adecco’s office a couple of days before your doj to complete the joining process, as mentioned in the email.


I’ve notice period of 3 months. Haven’t received offer letter yet. For now people with no notice period or without job are getting offer letter. For others with notice period they are discussing with Cisco. Most probably others will also get offer letter with priority to the people with shorter notice period.


Have you talked to anyone…in adeco or Cisco


I have also not received offer letter and my notice period is 30days .


Have you recieved any mail regarding your notice period asking if you could shorter your notice period ?


So the date of joining for people with 3 months notice period will be after 3 months ?


No… Today I received the offer letter and my joining date is 23 nov


Hi guys, I wanted to know what all documents are you going to courier ?

Will that include all passport size photograph as well as bank details?

Please reply asap


So will u negotiate your notice period to 1 month ?


Yes it should contain the photos as well as your bank details. Also it should contain all other documents that is mentioned in the mail. Refer the Association manual for filling out the application forms.


They have given me exact 30 days to join.


Hye… anyone from NCR drive got any mail from adecco or cisco after sending hard copy of their documents at adecco office…?


Not yet! Is DOJ (15 nov) still expected or confirmed…?


How the candidates from banglore drive got their confirmed doj…? I mean after sending documents did they get any mail or something…?