Cisco TAC | 2016/17


I have not received any call letter…


Have you received your joining letter as well?


Expected date of joining is 15 Nov


No …I m still waiting for the offer


Can’t DOJ be extended? Because in my current company, my last working day would be 16th Oct. And expected DOJ in Cisco is 15th Nov.
And that too we need to visit Adeeco’s office at least a day prior to DOJ.


Those who get selected in bangalore drive, firstly got 15 oct as DOJ, but later it was revised to 6 nov. So for sure possibility is there.


Heyy…were you in the drive held on 6th Oct? When did you receive your offer letter?


Hello everyone, how many of you get the offer letter & joining letter of cisco who has given interview on 6 oct, 2018 at NCR (Amity University) and from whom did you get it.


We got it from Adecco. They want us to visit their office and submit the hard copies of the required documents before joining Cisco.


In the Associate manual pdf it is mentioned that we need to courier the documents before doj…what should we do about that?


from whom you have received the offer letter …?




When did you receive your offer letter?


hii everyone, I didn’t get my offer letter yet and I am from 6th October (NCR) drive.
What is the work location for those who get their offer letter from NCR drive??
And was the same thing happened with the candidates from banglore drive… like some of them got their offer letter late or they were asked to visit the adecco office in banglore for submitting their documents…?


The work location is Banglore. We are instructed to submit the hard copies at Adecco before we join Cisco on 15th Nov. Although, according to the instructions in one of their documents we can also courier the hardcopies to their address.


Thanks for the reply!
Is 15th November your expected joining date or is Confirmed Joining date


Expected doj. We are supposed to submit the required documents then they will give us the formal joining letter.


i think we have to submit documents in next 15 days either by courier or reporting at branch office.
Anyone from bangalore drive??.. please tell the procedure you followed.


Hello Aman! Would you kindly tell us the steps u followed after receiving the offer letter. Your joining date is 5th Nov I guess, so you must have sent them the courier…if not, are you planning to go to Banglore physically hand them over the documents ?


I’m not sure either. Are you planning to move to Banglore anytime soon ? I think it would better if we sent them the courier first.