Cisco TAC | 2016/17


6 oct


Did anyone here just receive the offer letter from Cisco ? I’m not sure what to do next tho ! Are we supposed to go to Adecco’s office and verify the documents ? And what about all those forms that are attached with the mail !? Anyone who has previously responded to this mail kindly guide us, thanks.


The offer letter


I have received the same. I believe we have to go the branch office for the verification of documents.


can’t we send the scanned copies of the required documents…?


Are you from the NCR drive? Coz im from the same but haven’t received any offer letter yet.


They aren’t very clear about it in the mail. I guess we have to visit their office but what bout all those forms ? Do we need to fill it up and then take printouts ?


So, we need to report at branch office before the expected DOJ …? For documents its ur choice…i guess…! You can either take printouts first and then fill it.


Yes…NCR drive. In next 1-2 days you will get… i know 2 others who haven’t got it yet.


It would be better if we visited their office at least a few days prior to our doj in order to make things hassle free, I suppose.


yeah right


Did you reply to the mail ? They have asked to reply in order to send an acknowledgement. I did reply but instantly I got an autogenerated reply from guru swamy saying kindly request u to loop me in Cisco email. Do we need to send an acknowledgement on that email ?


I did that too…so i send an ACK to guru swamy.


Hello pankaj…what is your joining date??


expected DOJ - 15 nov




Hey!! Which mail are you talking about ? What documents have they asked for? Can you please tell me.I haven’t received any such mail yet


The offer letter from Cisco. The mail has a few other documents along with the offer letter. We are supposed to fill them out and submit the hard copies at Adecco, Banglore before we join Cisco.


Okay…when is the joining date?


Did you get your offer letter yet? I heard some people got theirs