Chances of getting placed with a score of 210

my score as on 25 th dec 16 test …verbal 85.5 , Ps 85.93 , quants 50.5 Should i appear for exam again
this was my 3rd attempt of xam ??

it’s left to you. If you’ve got 70+ percentiles in all three sections in at least one attempt then as far as I’ve seen its enough to get call from most of the companies.

There is not much hope for IT people itself. You can see older discussions in adda. Every company will have another aptitude round for which knowledge of cs fundamentals is a must. The interviews are tough and selection rate is less.

But I haven’t got 70+ in all three , in quant i have
50 ℅le , so still do I have chance of getting call, rest of scores are 86 and 85

Suppose A and B decide to give elitmus exam…
Let’s A get a marks 600/600 in elitmus …
And B gets mark 400/600 in elitmus…
A have less technical knowledge & don’t have so much of deep knowledge in any coding background…
B have best experience in coding have very depth knowledge of programming …
The difference between in A and B on elitmus would be:
1)A gets more call to attend interview of companies, but more chances of rejection :frowning:
2)B get more job offered in fact he will get selected in all companies …(if elimus allow him to sit all companies)
So there is no relation of score of elimus and chances of selected …
during interview there will be no use of marks
it only be criteria to get call…
hope you get my points :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Is there any chances for 2015 batch?

MAM,my name is chandrakanth i have 40 days for preparing elitmus exam .
But i dont know which books to read for elitmus verbal,aptitude and logic sections.
so, i am requesting u to tell me the name of the books for preparing these sections

PS- 66.29
What are my chances of getting an interview call or I should retake the exam?