Chances of getting placed with a score of 210

My total score is 210 135 verbal(98.38%) 67.5 ps(97.15%) and 7.50 (50.56%) quants. Can i get into any dream company?

can’t say. It depends on the company. Elitmus will only give percentiles to companies and based on that companies will call u for further tests.

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Do they look at the total score or individual percentiles?

Ofcourse! provided that your dream company hires with ELitmus. By the way your scores are pretty good to get calls from many good companies. Keep applying!!

Mine is 257. No luck so far.

individual percentiles only (not scores)

When did you give the exam and also are you from 2016 batch?

Thank you :). Also the fact that its a lil less in the quants section, will it hinder my chances?

Oct 2016, Verb 160 (99.81%), Prob S 60 (96.24%), Quant 37.5 (85.59%), 2016 btach

you will surely get call from all company if you are from cse branch. keep apply and update your resume regularly

I’m from EE batch

Frankly speaking, yes it might hinder your chances. Although elitmus people say that they have got some AI engine thing to filter the candidates. But as a matter of fact, people have received call even with less marks than yours. I’ll repeat, keep applying!!

Any one please tell me about my chances of getting call letter for interview. My percentile is 99.51 in ps, 71.89 in quant and 55.62 in verbal.:relaxed::relaxed:

It is seriously depressing. If they don’t prefer people from other branches they shdnt have made other branches eligible at the first place.
I’m from EEE and my score is 206 but I’m still having second thoughts about getting call from companies. I have my hopes with ‘associate IT operations’ post of Accenture but read it somewhere that they don’t select male candidates for this post. This is the only post for which I can actually compete and now they say they prefer female candidates.
This is making me feel sick now.

My total score is 240 150 verbal(99.52%) 45 ps(89.75%) and 45 (90.16%) quants. what company would call me?

Did you apply anywhere? Most of them seem to be okay with ece though

I got my result yesterday (25th Dec test)…and I applied everywhere where I was eligible. I havnt got any interview Call yet.
The experienced being shared here is letting me down now.

u can’t expect so early for companies to call u being a non-it branch student. also elitmus only gives an opportunity to get into company’s drive (not interviews) and u shld know the success rate is low and decreasing. so be patient and keep applying but don’t completely rely on this only.

Is there any scope for non-it people?

u shud not even apply for such post, when u hav got such a good elitmus score… that post is not technical at all, kind of bpo , thats y they prefer female candidates