Chances of getting interview calls (2019 batch)?

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i am from 2019 passing out batch…my score is: VERBAL ABILITY- 41.25(41.70 percentile) PROBLEM SOLVING-22.50(71.28 percentile) QUANT-11.25(54.24 percentile)…

Hi Abhinav,
I suggest you take the test again and aim to score higher. Percentiles > 80% is very good to get calls.
Since you are 2019 batch, please take time to prepare before retest.
You need not hurry since jobs for you will be plenty in the upcoming year.

okay .thank you.
is 25% negative marking criteria is for total attempted questions or is it sectional wise??

Negative marking is sectional.

please reply fast

Hii,I am from 2019 batch, I have attended elitmus test on 15 June and got score as PS:80,Verbal:18,Quant:23.
I wanted to ask if I study hard and take test again in july 2019 will I get calls from company?
Becoz I have not joined my campus selected job.
I am scared of wasting one year if I don’t get any call.
Are there companies for batch 2019 remaining?
jobs for 2020 will also start then will I get cAll?

i have 68% in total , 80% -verbal, 67%- reasoning, 48%- quants.
what are my chances?
i have got one call already from telebu communications.