Chances In Companies


Problem Solving-32.49§


Total Percentile-86.28

Is there any chance to call from companies??

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There are people who had abt 60 to 70 percentile and bagged offer from good companies
So dnt wry just do ur preparation for interviews

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When scores are declared.its been 20 days when I have the test but my scores are being processed

Same here buddy …gave on 9th aug n still waiting for results

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Its been a month I applied for jobs after getting 90+ percentile,but still not got any calls from any company.What can be the issue ?

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Companies also do resume shortlisting even after considering ph score…so polish ur resume
Also elitmus works using complex algorithms wch makes sure every1 get the chance
As I told earlier I knw ppl who had 65 % in btech from tier 3 clg with around 70 to 80 percentile in ph test bagged offer from gud companies

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I awaited for a month