Cgi company

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I have attend the interview on jun 15 2016 and i have cleared aptitude,gd,technical 1,technical 2 and hr but they told they will intimate me soon on mail.could you please tell me when i will receive mail.


I have attended on 24 th April stilI I didnt get any response from cgi but elitmus mailed me last wk u r selected. If u get offer, plz let me know




Will there be any cgi drive for 2015 batch in 2016?


I attend 2015 passed out drive nly I don’t
knw is there anymore drive chck in Web r elitmus job board


I had call with elitmus team, they told me to wait for some time. Internal process will take some more time. I dnt knw how much time should they take, i interviewed in last wk of april n got confirmation mail from elitmus in first wk of June. Its more than two months now…


oh then we have to wait ummm actually the lady there, who was taking our form she told us that we ll get the joining letter on last week of july or 1 st week of august, so theres nothin we can do except for waiting


oh she told like that ah ?..if we receive some info then we can atleast relax


Hiiiii Sushant… why did they ask u for address details once again?? Bcz i didn’t receive any such mail… Plss reply…


Hi @Kamal I got the mail after hr in midnight for updating address, Bharathi got the same mail too. I don’t know why u hvnt got any mail??? But if u got any mail regarding CGI job, please update here. Thanks


From whom u received mail, from cgi or from elitmus???


Cgi is hearing but till same…


From elitmus fr address details




sure Bro… & thanxx for the info…:slight_smile:


@Sushant, still no intimation from cgi, got mail from elitmus only, yesterday I contacted to elitmus, they told me, cgi will issue Offer letter in 1 week, lets see…
If anyone got please do update here…


yes someone got the offer letter :slight_smile: btw wer do u stay bro? i hvnt got any offer letter yet if you got pls update here


Yes sure, I am from Pune


I got mail tdy nly doj wil be btwn Aug 1st week r 2nd week


same here :slight_smile: i got the doj too its whether august 1st week or 2nd week congrts bharathi :slight_smile: