Cgi company cutoff


what is the score required for cgi can any one tell ??


50–140 Is your total score is less than enough to get calls from CGI


Please elaborate clearly.


80-100 is their cut-off and overall academics should be 60%.


Is it %ile?


No, I was talking about score.


i m frm EEE got more than 100 marks & ovral Percntile is more than 65
will i get a cal frm CGI ??


Verbal ability
Problem Solving


what are my chances, and in which companies should i apply?


Sorry but I can’t tell your chances for selection and no one can tell this. Every company have their different criteria for selection. And if you ask about companies, apply to each and every company in which you are eligible. It’s upon them if they want to shortlist you or not.


But I must suggest you to appear again for eLitmus test and score high.


when CGI will be drive ??? …nidhi


As far as I know, it starts from July and they keep on hiring. I went for CGI in Aug. In November also they were hiring. Can’t say now that when they will again arrange a drive.




but the branch shows in CGI job details are cs/it/Ec/telecommu. only
EEE is not in dat list ??


I though EEE is eligible.


In jan any drive of cgi


any update or declaration of dates by CGI? … 24th DEC 2016 was the last day to apply and no update yet …


Is there anyone who know about the upcoming drive Of CGI… Is there any expectation in the month of january