CGI 24 Sept Chennai

Has anyone that got through to the HR round on 24th Sept in Chennai received any email from CGI?

No…did u Receive any mails?

No Ashutosh.

I got my date of joining on 17th Oct

did u get appointment late or DOJ mail?? @s_abirami_3127658

Ya i got the Date of joining mail bt they didn’t confirm my location

When did you get that DoJ mail, Abirami?

On 5th Oct daniel

Did u get location abirami?

Not yet…do yu get that?

What is your status shown as on the “My Jobs” page for CGI? Also, have you got any other mails from CGI in addition to the DoJ mail, like a confirmation mail perhaps?

It’s still showing confirmed only…I didn’t get any mail from them after that. Bt Hr called me once and said to send all my documents.I sent to them. And wat s ur doj nd status?

Mine says confirmed as well. I haven’t got any email from CGI, not even a confirmation, which kind of concerns me.

No I also didn’t get the location