CGI 12th NOV.....OFFER Letter YET?

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Any body Got offer letter from CGI…???
Yesterday Drive Dated 12th Nov…
Guys please reply to create a ntwrk… :slight_smile:


Haven’t received the offer letter yet…the hr person told me you are shortlisted for Microsoft dynamics


after Hr Round i didnt get any result . so what should i do now??? please help me?


hello. Can you please tell me how was the interview and gd? what type of questions are asked in GD and Interview?


I have received some background verification form and some other form along with the instruction to upload certificate and id proof.


hiiiii Abdullah…!!!

   can u tell me..what type of questions they asked u in 2nd technical round....??????


hi jyothirani…!!!

   Actually I rejected in 4th round.....but am sharing my experiance.......!!!!
  1. you have given one node contains some data & one linked list (sorted)…and U have to insert that node at appropriate position…?(pseudo code enough)

  2. program for the below pattern…
    2 2
    3 3 3
    4 4 4 4
    3 3 3
    2 2
    there should be only one OUTER FOR loop…?

  3. some questions on oops concepts…?
    4.Given some data…,design Class…?


I was asked few programs like create your own exception…most efficient program for finding prime numbers…
few queries and lot of oops concept questions and most importantly thorough understanding of your project.


i have received my login credentials but not the forms…
did you receive forms before the login credentials…??


GD is pretty easy…you’ll be given two topics and you have to speak on anyone of them for 2 minutes or so
TR is based on basic fundamental questions…


i have got that i am not shortlisted in cgi becoz that i am belong to EEE branchh and 2016 branch guys any one plz rlp my overall score 89 so can i get calls frm any company plz reply


hi u i m facing d same problem


you too have got only login credentials


wat that means login credentials


Guys can anyone help me regarding elitmus as once i had applied for CGI but that time my score was 90 and the job status from CGI was not shortlisted but again i gave the exam and scored 120 now when i am reapplying for CGI it says you have already applied.
what to do ? Please help.


Yes,I received congratulatory mail along with the forms and service agreement copy that has to be submitted latest by 17th of November


yes i do bt I dont hv d conformation letter yet which is realy necessary for filling og d form
I hv a deadline of 22nd nov
Im totally confused n their is no one to help


can you send me the copy of


did u get d confirmation mail abdullah???


I haven’t received it…did you?