Can I expect calls?

Section Score Percentile

Verbal 100.00 88.44

Problem Solving 50.00 92.59

Quantitative 40.00 83.84

Overall 190.00 94.31

Following are my academic scores-

10th class - 79.8%

12th class - 76.2%

Graduation in ECE from Mumbai University - 53.4%

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All scores are good, but graduation score is quite low I think, some companies don’t consider it that important but most will have some 60% criteria. But through elitmus there are very few which explicitly tell their percentage requirement, so we can only guess. For eg: I didn’t get call from metricstream even with 97%ile in elitmus because they want 65% throughout. On the otherhand companies like Cisco don’t give it that importance , you just have to have networking basics clear.

Thank You.

I gave the exam on 5th May and got the result on 8th. Around what date will I start getting calls?

You will not get calls automatically, you have to apply for each job separately.

Hi Arun. This is Abhijay. It’ll be so nice of you if you could share your strategy for preparing for Quant and LR. I’m continuously scoring very low in same. Thanks