I have given the ph test on april 8 2018 but not got any single call till now? Is this due to the fact that in these days drives donot occur due to semester exams?

Hi Shruti,
What are your scores? and
Which batch are you from?

My score is-
Verbal - 92.97
Quants- 73.87
Problem solving - 66.51
I will be graduating in june 2018

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hi, can u plz guide me to achieve that score

Even the same happened to me
My scores are
I will be graduating by may 2018
I have applied to few companies like MAQ , MMT but didn’t get a call despite being from cse background

Since you are 2018, you should consider taking the test again and aim to score 90+. Majority of companies here give more weight-age to Problem Solving , so you might miss a lot of opportunities.

Big product based companies want 90+ percentile in Problem Solving. See what I wrote for Shruti above.

What about other service based companies?.My percentile score is 94.86 quant,79.96 logical and 36.44 verbal?.When can i expect a call from accenture or any company?.I took the exam in march 18 and about to graduate in june 18.

Hi Vidhit,
MNCs don’t hire here. Accenture and Mindtree are the only two. Rest al of them are start-ups. Your score is good, you will get calls.
Since you are 2018, I recommend you to take another test and aim to score 90+ in all sections to get higher packages.