Called for enParadigm Technical round

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My online interview is scheduled for Wednesday. Did anyone get a call for the technical round as well? Also, is there any topics which I should be focussing on more than others? The job profile is for Product Software Engineer

What is your percentile in ph test …?

91.67, you got the call?

no brother my score card released late so i didn’t apply. I wanted to know 88.79 percentile is good enough to getting call from company or i consider retake the ph test .

Above 85 is more than enough for quite a good amount of companies. Just keep applying to the companies whose interview you can attend. Failing to attend interviews is displayed on your profile which the employers can see, so just be careful with that

I got 98.54 percentile and I applied in Customised Technologies § Ltd.
Its been three days and the drive date is shown to be 10th nov.
so by when do they inform if i am selected or not.

As a matter of fact, I got the invite for the drive at around 3 pm, the drive is on Tuesday. If you got the invite and you accepted it, then don’t worry they’ll contact you through call or email

I had attended the online coding round and cleared 3 out of 4 questions. Will i be called? How many did you solve? @mrshaw