Call letter based on score

My elitmus score is:
Quant 83
Problem solving 98
Verbal 93
What are my chances to get interview calls?

You will get calls from almost all the companies whose CTC is below 7LPA.

my elitmus score is
quant 57
problem solving 87
english 91
what are my chances to get calls?

how you prepare for elitmus please specify

my eltmus score is 87% in quAnt
86%in pS
and 30% in eng i am mca 2016 throughout 70% plz tel me

Some cchanse

I didn’t prepare much for it. I went through Quant’s for about 2 days and didn’t prepare for problem solving or verbal section.

My score is
Logic reasoning-92%
What are my chances of getting a job?
I’m 2017 batch.