Bigbasket | 2018

Anyone got call for bigbasket?

I got but I didn’t accept. I have 6 months exp in a product based company in devops tech due to less package

okay cool !! i m not sure whether i’ll be able to attend the drive or not(assuming i clear home coding round)

bigbasket is looking for development or testing profile. I am not sure. could anybody clarify me?

Yeah, I got a call yesterday.

Testing profile.

Job Description:

    Innovate, design, and develop test automation frameworks for
    web applications, mobile applications, and web services.

Can you please share ur Ph score

did anyone else got take from home coding mail?

When did you get the mail?

Today around 4

That means they are processing applications.

Yes I guess

if anyone is done with their test please reply here

You had an online test for Bigbasket today itself?

yes it’s today from 7-11 pm i have not given it yet

Ok …
Actually , i want to ask when did you get shortlisted for Bigbasket ?

today around 4 pm mail said that test is today between 7 pm and 11 pm

Ok …
So , this was the 1st mail you get from Bigbasket?
I mean to say , you got to know that you have been shortlisted by Bigbasket , today 4 pm only …
You were shortlisted 1 or 2 days back and today you got mail for coding test …

the mail was from elitmus and this is the first mail regarding bigbasket .this is the first time anyone has informed me anything about bigbasket

Got it bro …