Bidgely drive 10 july

I have been shortlisted for bidgley 10 july drive. I live in Delhi. Should I book my flight tickets for 10 july or will there be any test to be given from home?
Also how long is the interview process 1 day or more, so accordingly i will book my flight ticket.

2016 or 2017 batch?


As far as i know! There will be no test from home. You have to come here in banglore for further evaluation.

Go for it. It’s good company.

Bidgely drive is 1 day process.
1st round is written apti+quant+logical question
2nd tech interview
3rd HR interview


There won’t be any verbal section???
Is first round an elimination round??
Thanks in advance!!

No verbal section and yes all rounds are elimination round.

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The questions were from which topics of quant?? Were there any logical reasoning/data interpretation questions as well??Cut-off for first round??
I don’t wish to get eliminated from first round itself. Ha Ha.
Please help!!!

In first round, is there questions from programming for data analyst ??