Barracuda Networks Round 2

Anyone got mail for round 2 after giving round 1 of Barracuda networks?

Not yet

which batch you guys are?


Not yet!

what’s your pH score?

Do anyone from 2020 batch got shortlisted ?

i don’t think so,none of my friend including me didn’t get shortlisted even after doing well in the 1st round of assessment.
Maybe they are now looking for 2021 guys.

Did anyone got shortlisted for 2021 batch? My exam went really well but I still haven’t received any mail from them.


Anyone got any update from barracuda?

Join the group for 2021

Are you from 2021 batch?

I’m from 2021 batch and i also gave the 1st round of assessment but still haven’t received any mail from them.

Same broh. 2021 batch. They said internship will start in January but not a single mail from them until now :frowning:

I got the interview call, but it got postponed.