If anyone sit in written technical mcq test of attivo network. plz share your experience.

I could not confirm the interview call as my exams were going on.
Now the last date is over. Will this be a problem because I ignored their call.
Will I not get calls from them in future ?

I attended that. Up to when we can expect for result?

There were separate sectional questions for apti, c/c++, os, python, networking and there was sectional cutoff
If u know the basics of all, it is quite easy.

Any expected date for result? And there was a sectional cutt off? How can u say that?

How long it will take to declare the result of attivo networks 11th june technical test?

Yeah…they said as there was sectional cut off and no negative marking

How was your paper and what us expected marks?

My paper was awesome and i am ecpecting around 40-45 marks

If anyone got the result plzz inform so that other don’t wait for the result .

When these people gonna declare result. No any info regarding result dates and all. If Anyone has an idea then please share.

they told me to wait for two to three working days… today is the day , i think so… anybody got email?

What were the questions like from networking ? From our Engineering syllabus ?
I do not know python, it will be very helpful if you could guide me about what I need to know to do well in this test.

I am from ECE. Even I am not familiar about networking much and python. Sorry

Any info regarding result buddy? :confused:

Nopes … unbounded waiting man… and we all are starving… :slight_smile:
Will tell ya if get any e-mails… u do the same too…

yeah sure! Some companies on elitmus are like that only i guess. Webyog did the same. No response abt the selection and its been 2 months now. :joy:


Attivo Networks result declared !!!


How u can say?