Are there good companies with > 6 lakh package in dec

I have rescheduled my test so i can better prepare for it and my test was on 29th oct. I wanted to ask whether there are companies in nov end and december that offers > 6 lakh package

Yes, Cleartrip (8 LPA) will be doing drives till mid-December and there will be other companies also.


What are the skillset requirements of principal global services? drive is in Oct , it’s for pune location.
I am from 2019 batch and drive is for the same batch…
Can u help me out with it?

And also , out of 60, if I correctly attempt 5 questions from each section, will my percentile reach to 90 or 85 to 90 range?

For a trainee, they would expect you to have basic knowledge on CS subjects.
I guess there will also be a coding round.

For eLitmus test, 5-6 questions in Quant and PS is fine. Try to get 10 correct in verbal to get around 90 percentile.