Are both scores valid?(best of two consideration)

I have a doubt…though my score was decent enough in the first attempt… but if I reappear… then both the marks i.e of the first attempt and second attempt are valid?? so the best of two will b considered for shortlisting or only the most recent one??

The cost of the test is 954 Rs and the score Shortlisted is valid for 2 Years :disappointed_relieved:.

i am asking that if a reappear both the marks will be considered
i already have a score of around 120-130 so…incase i score low this tym…these previous marks will still be considered or the will get updated with the new score

total score is 131 to be precise …and no negative marks are there…the lowest percentile is in ps around 60-61 rest of the two quant and verbal are 75+…i am confused whether to reappear or not…the above mentioned score is in the first attempt

Best of two will be considered, and i suggest getting high score in first attempt itself a safe thing, if a person writes more than two times, they may not get consider you for any interview at all.

with this score would u suggest me writing the exam again or not??
verbal 90 marks-- 88 perc
quant 26 marks-- juggles btwn 76-77
pss - 15 marks-- juggles between 60-61 perc

academic record are 90+ in 10th and 12th and graduation too is 90+

Which attempt is that?

first attempt
5 mrch 2017

Oh then try for another time, that’s not much enough.

Not sure but the score they take is 70 verbal in all. Given that you have scored good in first two and Score at least (a minimum)70th percentile each may get a call surely… May be some company will consider ur quants skill to shortlist,but the score u have right now limits ur opportunity attempt…

ohkay thanks…and both will be valid …even if i score less in the second attempt then also the frst attempt score will be valid…
and u suggest to give another try…and possibly the second attempt should be the final and best try otherwise chances will lessen as i give more tries … Thanks :slight_smile:

Though I have a few more queries:

  1. what if i get a call for interview and i neither accept nor decline… will i b able to apply for that company again… if it has another opening within a next few months??

  2. if i neither decline nor accept a call for interview…will it affect my entire profile or only for that company will i be debarred?

  3. if i decline the call then can i re apply if there is again a hiring in that company or will i b considered as “ALREADY APPEARED”

  4. What if i accept the call and dont go???

what do I aim for in order to exploit all the opportunities?
what are the sectional and overall cutoff one should aim for??

For all your queries, I will tell you only one thing,

-Apply for an interview only if you can attend.

-You can decline an interview call due to some reasons, that’s not a problem, but more you do it affects your next interview calls

Even if not clear any sectional cutoff and got overall 95+ percentile For getting the call from we need to clear sectional and overall cut offs as well.

:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: ohkay
actually I had applied for remaxys the drive is tomorrow…I was shortlisted…but due to certain reason i had known that i wont be able to attend… but i neither accepted it nor declined it call…i have mistakenly done this experiment…so i was just concerned how will this affect my future calls for interview

You will not get shortlisted again from the company. You should have either accepted or declined it.
The same thing happened with me for CGI.

Just score But low less 50-150,you will surely get call from shortlisted Here is companies i have shortlisted for and even though getting low score , i got call from two companies .
comp\any CGI ,Accenture.ASE,Accenture ITO,MAQ software ,Vizhy, MindTree , Sasken , Novell Software and many more companies others frequently