APTEAN after second round written technical

did anyone from bangalore branch got call after technical written round for further round…

Not me.

I had my technical and managerial interview on the same day after the technical written…

hw much did you score on tech written…

It was not revealed

ohk…i think my score will be around 15-16 will it be good enough

Did anybody from Bangalore get a call after the second technical round?

I also have given till managerial round(on 15th,Sept), after that they have asked all of the managerial round given guys to leave for the day with the info that they will let us know by Friday(23rd). So if anybody gets the update please let me/us know here in the adda.

@devesh_3293026 They didn’t reveal score.


23 rd or 21 st?

@varun_3371125 Are you from Bangalore?

I think paper was of 23 marks total 18 questions of 1 mark and 5 numbers for programming question

@sharikha_3274309 Yes, from Bangalore and I had technical rounds at office on 15th

@varun_3371125 Thanks Varun!

Does anyone know what the next rounds after second written technical on 16th are? What concepts were asked? I’m not good in Java and no experience in testing either, that’s why.

there was a managerial round after the technical round on the same day. after that they asked us to leave for the day. @sharikha_3274309 after the second technical there were direct f2f interviews. they were quite easy, just basic concepts.

@rajat_3386794 thank you:)