Anyone who got the results of Game Test..?

Still less than 48 hrs is left

Trust me ul get pakka

Your reviews was good by pymetrics

Dnt know @anusha_3069533

hey shubham and anusha i have taken my test on mobile app…so how it will reflect my score to them ???is der any separate procedure to send the score to them

guys can I sign up by using my linkdin account or I have to register ?? please reply soon

Thank you

On what basis will they select us ??

Hello Everyone, This query is to all of them who had given the “Game Test”. I was wondering as we have attempted the Gametest but how accenture will come to know about it, I mean how it gonna fetch the data of individual candidates because we have not entered any thing while singing up for some thing mean such as; elitmus id or smthing related to accenture drive for the students who have been shortlisted for the game test… have i missed something or may be you all thinking abt this.?

Bro, it was clearly written that use the same e-mail ID as used for the application with Accenture. I hope you filled up the details against the link mentioned in the admit card.

They get ur info through that google form that elitmus had asked us to fill

What form ?

They mentioned a link in the admit card…a google form was to be filled.

Anyone got mail from Accenture after game test whosoever elimination round for that ?


not yet


Link is not getting opened that is given in the admit card can anyone send me the libk on

I have to attend the interviewon 4th feb in delhi but till now i haven’t got game test link and also for filling the personal details on the google form that link is also not opening which is mentioned in the admit card…please reply as soon as possible

Yaar I don’t know, for every drive there is a different link…(game test was conducted for 15th drive only).