Anyone Shortlisted for Customised technologies private limited

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Did anyone got any reply from customized technology?

no till now i havent after that quesstionaire.

Check again there’s a mail from rapidl maybe, it has some questions related to technologies and relocation, I got it few days back

Did you also shortlist for restolabs …?

Yes but I couldn’t give the interview due to some personal reasons

What is your percentile and which department you are from?

Today I got a phone call from customized tech. Did you all also got a call?

I got a mail from elitmus that customised tech. will be contacting within 2-3 days

Were you in the meeting happened in the morning as well?

Yes I was there!
Were you also there?

Yup ( ╹▽╹ )

You got any response from them?
Please let me know if you get.!

Not yet, let me know when you receive any

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