Anyone have any information regarding 15th jan accenture drive..?

They are only shortlisting students on the basis of game test or on the basis of ph test also…???

Hey any one got shortlisted. I received one mail from accenture and my interview is tommaro in accenture hyderabad

How can be this possible bro…the interview dates are on 15th…??Check the mail.properly or post the screenshot

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had u taken game test?

Ya and I received call from accenture afternoon

what they asked?

They are asking one question only where are u staying

@satti_3162592 they contacted u through elitmus or u have applied from other somewhere else…??

Bro process is fully changed now you only contact through accenture only y because already e litmus send our info to the accenture and did u fill the accenture form or not

yes i have already filled that information from the link which was mentioned in admit card

please share screen shot of your score bro

How much u got in the game ■■■■ can u screen shot the software enginnering one i got 78% bro plz reply

My score is 88%

hello guys, where did i get result of game test?

thats the software enginner percentage

for u this elimination round or non- elimination round @satti_3162592

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hey did any one get game test link for whom the test is a non elimination

guys dodn’t worry about scores we vil get mails from accenture 12th or 13th…

how do know that we will get in 12th or 13th? @innamuri_3158912