Anyone got the call from Motorola?

Hey guys… Did anyone get the call from Motorola which is scheduled on 22nd October??

yes i got. if we accept then do we have to give a coding test from home?

Ok when did u get the call??
What is your percentile??

just now. my percentile was verbal 94, quant 78, problem solving 88. is it a take from home round? or do we have to report to bangalore?

The mail from eLitmus says that we need to be present at the venue i.e Bangalore.

but then they are saying it is a take home coding round. did you download the admit card? what does it say about the venue?

For the online coding round the venue is your home not bangalore.

Ps 99.88 percentile. QA 99.58 percentile. Verbal 74 , still didnt get the call…

Got the call, gave the coding test online too. I could only solve one problem correctly.
Max Consecutive Apples DONE
Possibility of unbiased group among friends NOPE
Process Scheduler NOPE

V 93.44
PS 58.44
Q 91.35

I’ll post an update if I get called, unlikely still flingers crossed.

I solved the first two problems. i.e.
Max Consecutive Apples
Possibility of unbiased group among friends

Will I get the call for next round ?
Percentile: v 83.04 , ps 94.25, Q 98.65