Anyone got selected in vizury?(15 jul)

Anyone got selected after the interview with the product manager(4th round)?They just told me results will be announced by elitmus,is this what was told to everyone?

Yes. They said that they will convey the results to elitmus people and it would take another week.

@manisha_3313270 how was the 4th round?was he explaining the job to you and asking questions?u have any idea how many people reached 4th round coz I was the first to be interviewed by him and I left.

He talked about the role of business analyst. Then he asked me few questions. I think there were 3-4 people who attended the 4th round.

how many attended for the interview roughly?

Hi, If anybody gets a call please update here.

Yes, please.

Did Anyone get a call?They said they will tell us the results this week.

Did anyone got the call? Any update

no call man. I called vizury and they said they aren’t going to recruit anyone from the drive.