Anyone got call letter who took eltmus on 12th feb from accenture which is on 18th feb bangalore?

answer me guys


when they will send call letter… when is next event in bangalore except 18th?

… Anybody got call for Accenture drive who took Elitmus on 12th Feb… Actually I got 123.8 marks … Is there any chance of getting Accenture call??? Pls let me know if any body got call…

No haven’t got yet still waiting

What is ur marks???

127…n urs?

124 … U also didn’t got call yet???

NO not yet…Close 7th to18th Bangalore

When did u receive your scores

On 13th I got… Wt abt u??

i have not recieved yet.

U didn’t verified ur certificates huh??

need 80+ percentile in all section to get the call

Ya didn’t verified my Govt ID card

Then u hav to go to that office and get verified…

How many of you received call letter from Accenture for 18th Feb drive in Bangalore