Any updates on the results of Accenture Interview held on 7th Jan in Bangalore?


Is there any update of Accenture’s Interview held on 7th Jan in Bangalore?


No dude…have you got any mail ?


Go to your elitmus jobs and check your status whether you are selected or not…


Shikha u were asked to stay in elitmus office after interview ?Or u were asked to leave just after interview??


Frst they asked us to stay n one member came n said that we 'll get a result through mail within 3 4 days…but I did not get the mail but it’s showing that m not selected in my elitmus jobs


In which slot u gave interview??




What about your result?


Still showing attended…


How was yur interview?


It was ohk not so good


can anybody tell me the location/address of the interview in Bangalore, i think there are 9 branches are available in Bangalore.please give me exact venue.
i am new to Bangalore.


Reach central silk board.
It’s a famous place so getting there is easy.
once there u have 2 options:

  1. open google maps search elitmus it will be around 900 mts, start walking.
  2. take a bus get down at the next bus stop called ‘hsr apartment bus stop’ cross the two parallel roads and reach the other side.


tq very much.
kk interviews are conducted in elitumus itself?




What did they ask you in interview and what’s your branch??? I am from Ece


My also is not selected . I think that’s the only result. Any one who got status as selected ?? And plz confirm once by sending ur CID to Accenture by email. I don’t know I’d but they told to send email if u don’t receive the result maipeven if u r not selected.


What is ur hall id?


No. The status in ELitmus portal still shows applied. Did not receive any mail either. Is there anyone who got any mail, or the status in Elitmus portal shows ‘selected’ ?


Hi. My Elitmus portal shows applied. In your portal does it shows Not Selected? or It still shows applied?