Any Chance ? Which company should i apply?

I would suggest you give it again

Can u suggest some good practice books for it

arun sharma DI and Maths. Focus on number system and probability in math

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and what should be good enough score overall or percentile in each ?

Guys, any chances? If any, which companies should I apply?

My scores are
Quants -86.98
Verbal- 59.68
Logics - 54.03
What are my chances of getting call …Please reply asap

low chances, better go for a retake

Can u plzz suggest topics to study and how much days are required for preparation

What are my chances?

Do I have any chance in any of the good ones

Your profile looks good, except for the graduation marks.

That is the problem. Grad score is the devil here. Being a fresher, what shud i expect.