Am i eligible for Elitmus pH?


Hi, i am not a fresher. I have been working for a MNC for 2 years now. I took 6 years of college to finish my course, and took a total of 8 years to complete my degree. I am looking for new job opportunities, and i want to take Elitmus test. Please let me know whether i am eligible as i am not a fresher and 2014 pass out. Also, will i be eligible for jobs through elitmus since i have taken 6 years to pass.


yea you can write the test but companies visiting for experienced candidates are less but i’ll suggest to write the test and wait for those companies. and if you have 2 years of experience then companies does not look in academics.


Thanks. I am looking for non-IT/non-software jobs. Will i get any through Elitmus. What is a good score in Elitmus?


non it jobs are very less some times you can get support jobs. non it jobs are very very less on elitmus.and good score is 90 percentile in all sections.


Thanks… Does Mechanical / Electrical / Telecom jobs come under IT or Non-IT? Are Mechanical jobs are there on Elitmus?