Already applied for Accenture with less marks

I already applied for Accenture IT operations with my previous score which was less than 100. Now I gave the test again and got more than 100. Is there any way to apply again with my new score or they will consider the score through which I applied before?

They will be updated with the new score.
Did you get the call?
The drive is on the 24th so there is still a chance you might get the call today!

Yes, I got 1 phone call from Elitmus today and he asked me whether I applied to Accenture within 6 months of time span, I told yes I applied to Application Development role a month ago. So he said I will not get any interview now as I already applied to Accenture within 6 months of time span.
But as far as I know, we cannot apply to the same role and here the roles are different.

I don’t think just applying counts in the 6 months blocking period.
If you get a call, attend the drive, then you are not eligible to appear for 6 months.
If you did not get the call, you will surely get it in the future.
[For Application Development, college list is mandatory, it may have been the reason.]

I am confused a bit here, are you two different people? @shachi_3407796 @shachi_3232018

What about Accenture IT Operations role for Bangalore location through Amcat? As Kolkata’ drive through Accenture is on 25th I guess.
Any info as to when that drive is going to take place in Bangalore through Amcat?

On 24th march? for which profile?

That was for IT Operations.