Agile media lab recruitment process

Has anyone got shortlisted for the Agile media lab(Chandigarh)…?

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Yeah i was but decline it

Why u declined?

unable to attend the drive because i have a call on 21st in another corner :slight_smile:

Bro I wanna go there …but I don’t have idea that …will they conduct aptitude(quanT,Lr,english) written test …or only technical written test?

All round are coding based
First on pen paper
Second on system
Third f2f so on…

how many of you got call from agile media lab

I also got the call , But I have no idea about interview process .
Can anyone tell me ??

Me too got the call. But the thing is there are no Reviews anywhere about it and no any Idea regarding Interview Process. :confused:

U have Gone through the interview process?

Naah But i have idea about each and every company that will hire through elitmus :slight_smile:

If u have idea please share…what type of questions will be asked?

If you are good in coding you are selected because all round are coding based some on pen paper another on system

I am java Student…could u please suggest some topics… should I read only core Java or advanced java also?

Level of Coding test? What type of questions can be asked? If you can give an idea then it will be good for us :slight_smile:

First round will be easy
Try codechief they will give you program on codechief site

Codechef u mean? :sweat_smile:

Has anyone got offer letter from agie media ??