Admit card for Surya Software Systems


Has any received admit card for Surya Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.? Its interview is scheduled in banglore on 8th july.


There is a coding round today before the interview on 8th. Only those who clear this are eligible to receive admit cards for 8th July interview.


I didnt receive any mail regarding the coding round. Can u provide me the link?


The test was on codelitmus and only the shortlisted candidates get the access to it


cant access codelitmus. showing u r not registered user.


@vasim_3077088 You can access codelitmus only when you’re scheduled for a test.


ohh thank u.


Hi Guys.In eligibility criteria for surya software systems it is mentioned 2016 CS/IT passouts. I have my B.Tech in EEE. Can i apply for it?? Will there be any problem if I apply it??

Please reply fast.
Thanks in advance.