Acceptance of accenture offer letter

got accenture offer letter but seems accept button isn’t working …what to do next …please suggest

Bro.better we have to send a query to

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When was your interview ? 21st Jan or before ?

7 jan

okay. congrats :slight_smile:

thanks buddy

Has anyone got the offer letter from 4th feb drive at BPIT Delhi?

not yet bro

What was your profile?

same here…accept button isnt working…

The link to accept the offer is now working… check it guys!!

Guys how do we reply to d mail… containing the joining date?

can you tell me what was the procedure of selection?

Hi can you tell me while you are accepting the offer letter the acceptance button is highlighted or not ? please even i am facing the same problem .

Hi . I received Accenture offer letter on 4th March 2017.

Same problem I am facing. Accept button is disabled/ not highlighted.

Has anyone resolved the issue ??Please help

Hi… Is accept button working for you??? If yes…please help…for me its disabled

When was your drive ?

Yes i already accepted

Anybody got DOJ for accenture drive held on 21st jan in bangalore.

I didn’t get