Hi everyone. I wanted to know if anybody from the Accenture Bangalore 19 march drive got their offer letters. I havent but I heard some of the students from the 9 april delhi got their offer letters. Please let me know.

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hi @neeraj_2687078

Actually I had attended the eLitmus exam on 10-April-2016 which was conducted by Accentureitself.

I have cleared all the round like document verification, and last I have received a call by HR department of Accenture on 18-April-2016 regarding verification process.

After that on 22-April-2016, I have received an email from eLitmus side that I am select in Accenture, but i haven’t received any email conformation from Accenture side yet,

So can you tell me how much time it will take to get the offer letter?

the status is showing as offered Neeraj

I have also attended March 19 drive, even I haven’t get the Offer letter yet.

I have sent mail to queries.campus@accenture.com 20 days back, their is no reply, then one week back I visited eLlitmus office too, even they don’t have any information about it.

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I was also there for the same on 10 April. My doubt is also the same.

The drive was for experienced only. I had also resigned from my previous company because of this. Serving the notice period. I got the confirmation mail on 28 April.

I think they will process the joining letters soon. I am not sure though .

Can anyone have idea about the joining of accenture of 9th april drive

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I attended the drive for experienced on 10 april 2016 .I got a congratulations mail from elitmus for the same . But Dont know about the joining date ? Anyone from elitmus ?


its showing offered and preferred location is banglore

what does u mean?

do you know if anyone from the 19 march drive got their offer letter @gara_2935225

I have also got selected for accenture on march 19th 2016 at bangalore… I got a confirmation mail from elitmus. Did you guys get any mail from their web team?

no i don’t know.

Me too got selected on march’19 drive at elitmus bangalore. I got confirmation mail by elitmus. But I haven’t heard from accenture yet. Does any of you guys got any update from accenture?

I got selected in Accenture at Bangalore 19 march drive. I didnt get offer letter

from my batch only girls got there offer letter of 9th april drive…

when did you receive the confirmation ?

@neeraj_2687078 I Got the confirmation mail from elitmus by last week of March and mail from the Accenture web team by March 30. Did you get any update from them

@aju_2941390 Got confirmation from elitmus on april 28th and no mail from accenture .When is your joining and are you a fresher ?

I got a confirmation mail from elitmus on 24 march only as well but I havent received any mail from the Accenture web team yet.