Accenture tasks all approved?

Hey would someone tell how many of the tasks has been approved of them in the document verification section

Hi , For me Out of 15 task 6 are approved . Waiting for balance document approval

when did u register for that?

12th Jan

which drive you are from?

Delhi 20th

Why are they taking such a long time …I read somewhere that tasks of some students were approved in 2-3 days

i do know dude

Guys my one task got rejected because in reference section i mentioned it as no reference.

What to do.
Plz help

You can send the query to the helpdesk section which is provided there…And update here if the problem is solved

i have added my friend’s and brother’s details.

So it got approved?

dont know…

Are you from jan 6th Batch?

No… 20th jan batch

Is there any guys from Jan 6th drive ,Who got approved for all task?

Jan 20 Delhi drive Got all task approved within 2 days.
But having no idea about offer letter… :confused:

I got link on feb 12th to create profile and to upload documents and all 15 were approved on next day but again today the status is showing that 6 approved and 9 submitted…