Accenture Selection Drive Bangalore 10th feb 2018

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Accenture Selection that happend today in bangalore how many of you received emails containing links with further instructions?
I received only one.

The first link after drive is the informal offer letter with a registration link to upload resume, fill PAN, etc.
After that (a few days, maybe a week too), you will get a link to upload scanned documents. Post verification offer letter would be sent followed by joining.

The whole process takes some time.
Till you get joining, don’t draw any conclusions on selection.

i also recevied.

I have got the documents upload mail and i have my documents approved what to do next

Hey Shubham,How long did it take for this mail after you have attened the interview?

I attended the drive on 11th, Till now i haven’t got any mail… Is there anymore chance of getting a mail regarding the next steps(instruction) ?

I got the first mail on 10th evening, where you have to update ur photo and upload resume. Then on 11th i got the documents uploads email which i did and my documents are approved. But from yesterday i havnt got any mail

anyone who attended the drive on 10th feb and got joining offer but not joining date till now

Did you get the offer letter?

Yes but waiting for doj