Accenture results

Did anyone get result of jan7 or jan15 drives?

Not yet.

Yes for Jan 7

which date did you get the result?

For jan 7th we got on 13th…I think for 15th u might be getting today

At what time u got mail on 13th jan?

Around 2 to 4

U got placed…??
How many people’s got placed is it in mass or just selected candidates…??

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Any update regarding 15 Jan drive results

They informed you by mail or did they call you?


Ooh okay.thanks🙂

Do we have aptitude test also ?? or only interview??

who tell u the result …is ther is any mail regarding tis

any update on the results of Jan 15 event?

Where was the interview office

For 7th Jan drive

Elitmus office in bnglre

Accenture drive was taken in elitmus office Bangalore?