Accenture Registration link

How many people facing problem regarding accenture registration link recieved today.
Mine showing error 404.
what to do next?

Its working now

It’s the 14-18day working. .right

Second last task is to upload candidate declaration from. So which file should I upload there. Should I write the declaration in a text file and upload that?

no you need to download the form from th link given above then take a printout of it fill up the required space and then upload it again

i haven’t uploaded the 10th 12th certificate as it was not mandatory.will it create any problem

I am also facing the same problem.
"404 we can’t find the page"
What should i do?
If someone resolved this problem.
Plz reply

Same here …showing error 404…

Let’s see when it will resolve.

me too 404 error

Keep checking the link and update here if it started working.

Me too same problem… 404 error

Now also same error is coming.
Today both Elitmus and Accenture office are closed so how this problem will resolve.

Hi abhijeet. Can I get that registration link please.

Still it is showing error 404.They have mentioned that we need to submit the form within 24 hours.Is there any alternative way to fill up the form?

I am also facing same problem. anyone still getting Same problem?

anyone resolved this problem??
20min. left.

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Is it mandatory to apply for NSR Nasscom ID in order to fill my registration form?

People who have problem of registration. Anybody got to know about solution of this problem.

anyone who have filled anything wrong in any of 13 task on accenture page